Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

  Only $175 for Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation. We

   E & J Dry Cleaners has been the premier Wedding Dress
Cleaning and Preservation
specialist in the United States for 4.1.1over 25 years. Often, the most overlooked part of 
the wedding process is bridal gown cleaning and preservation. E & J’s work commences with fabric analysis of your dress,
because every dress is unique and different. E & J analyzes material, construction, threads and ornaments, which helps determine the correct preservation technique and cleaning watch-videomethods that is best suited for your dress.

  Prior to cleaning, E & J identifies stains and spills, including those that are invisible to the eye. Most common stains include hemline dirt, makeup, 4champagne, wedding cake and perspiration, all of which have different effects on fabric fibers. E & J Dry Cleaners treats every stain individually before cleaning because sugar stains (i.e. punch, champagne) and chloride salts (perspiration) can cause oxidization and turn brown in color. Your gown is elegantly preserved with bust forms and nested in acid-free tissue, in a specially-designed preservation packaging with a transparent viewing window.

We have won numerous awards for our Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation services, including Wedding Wire’s COUPLES CHOICE Award and The Knot’s BEST OF WEDDINGS PICK!  We would be honored to provide the same service to you for all of your wedding gown needs.
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